Reflections on Bullying (Cyber or otherwise)

I read an article this morning about a student who posted a dramatic note on Reddit, threatening to kill herself if a school bully wasn’t addressed in some way. The student, who identified herself as “Sarah” says of this bully, “It is hard to use the word because almost everyone knows and loves him.” (Huff Post, 2012) Sarah had reported this bully to school administration and no action had been taken. When I read this article, I remembered an NPRRead more

Information Discovery and Teacher Development

I don’t deliver information to students at all. I didn’t in 1995. Information discovery has always been my primary mode of instruction. I provide a challenge – give students resources – step back – facilitate as needed and watch the learning happen. In 1995 this wasn’t an easy task. I went to the library and checked out every resource I could about the topic we were exploring (we called these resources books). I lugged them to my classroom and spreadRead more

Differentiating Content with Technology

From Content can be described as the knowledge, skills and attitudes we want children to learn. Differentiating content requires that students are pre-tested so the teacher can identify the students who do not require direct instruction. Students demonstrating understanding of the concept can skip the instruction step and proceed to apply the concepts to the task of solving a problem. This strategy is often referred to as compacting the curriculum. Another way to differentiate content is simply to permit the aptRead more

No Khan in School!

There is a school which will remain nameless – whose teachers discovered Khan Academy. They quickly started using these resources both inside and outside of the classroom. These teachers were living the flipped dream! However, they were told that it was inappropriate to use these videos in class.  Khan Academy videos were banned from the school. The principal believed that teachers weren’t doing their jobs if they used external videos to deliver skills instruction. That sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it?Read more