No Khan in School!

There is a school which will remain nameless – whose teachers discovered Khan Academy. They quickly started using these resources both inside and outside of the classroom. These teachers were living the flipped dream!

However, they were told that it was inappropriate to use these videos in class.  Khan Academy videos were banned from the school. The principal believed that teachers weren’t doing their jobs if they used external videos to deliver skills instruction. That sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? Sounds like if you aren’t telling then you aren’t teaching.

It would be one thing if the teacher was reading a novel while the students were watching videos – but that wasn’t the case. The teachers were active, facilitating group activities and providing individual assistance with the skills.

Which leads me to wonder whether principals understand the role of technology and education in the 21st Century? Do these principals “get” the concept of the teacher as a facilitator? I don’t think that this principal did.


2 responses to No Khan in School!

  1. Brandon Conlon says:

    No, I don’t think they got it, Lee. These principles sound like Cro-Magnons. 😉



    • Brandon Conlon says:

      Sorry, ‘principles’ should be ‘principals’. [sic]!

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