VLOG – Learner Expectations and the MOOC

I created this Video Blog  (vlog) as a response to a GREAT video reflection I saw this morning by Ben Wilkoff. He suggested I do a vlog in response, and I did – my first proper vlog. I am much more comfortable with “show and tell” but in the name of modeling and practicing what one preaches, I created the vlog below. I welcome the dialogue about this video – either here on on the Youtube site! Thank you! AdvertisementsRead more

Moving past the Theory: #diffimooc Victories and Challenges

Diigo and Wikispaces and WordPress, oh my! Groups and Reader and Livetext, oh my! Tweeting and Blogging and Posting, oh my! In August, I was standing in the copy room at UAS, probably getting a new pen, since pens are elusive beasts, and I can’t seem to keep up with one for more than an hour. My colleague Virgil Fredenberg approached me and said, “I want to create a MOOC.” I had been toying with the idea of creating aRead more

#diffimooc Twitter Tips

I hope that we’ve had a great first #diffimooc week! I noticed as we went through the chats this week, there was a little frustration and maybe concern that we weren’t able to read through all of the postings. We aren’t accustomed to a non-linear communication tool like Twitter that depends on crowdsourcing to “push” the most important information to the top. Therefore, we are feeling the pressure to read everything! As we gain more followers, I’d like to reassureRead more

Describing the Stages of Weekly Participation in a cmooc

I participated in the #moocmooc last week (admittedly I had superficial participation later in the week, as my semester and “day job” began). As I participated, I picked up on many comments that expressed frustration with the chaotic “feel” of the mooc. Some of those comments are expressed well in a colleague’s blog posting at the end of the #moocmooc. We launch the #diffimooc this week, and I think that through our brainstorming meetings and our discussions of what weRead more

Participant Pedagogy in the MOOC: Herding Cats or Designing a House?

I have been thinking about this as we have moved through the MOOCMOOC. It is my primary concern that participants be given the tools necessary to be successful, while also being provided the freedom to follow their own learning paths. Determining one’s own path, goal setting and ongoing reinforcement will be necessary. I don’t think that this reinforcement has to come from a teacher; however I do think the reinforcement is necessary so that students will continue to engage inRead more