Getting Started with Aurasma

Tutorial by Skip Via. #ASTE2013 was last weekend, and as usual when I go to a conference such as this – I am home, physically feeling like I have been hit by a train but with ideas and inspiration spinning in my brain! My favorite takeaway from ASTE has to be Aurasma ( . Aurasma is a great way to link visual data to visual overlays or to other media – I can see many great applications for this inRead more

My first i-Book – The PLN Demystified

Not yet available in the iTunes store – checking to see whether this link works since I created it for an inservice today! I hope I can share it! The PLN Demystified: Capitalizing on what CAN be known (iBook format for iPads) The PLN Demystified: Captializing on what CAN be known (PDF format for laptops)Read more

Instructional Design and the #MOOC: the danger of not knowing what we don’t know

I read an article sent to me today by I saw it fly across my twitter feed yesterday, but hadn’t had the chance to revisit it.  It’s called: Oh, the Irony: Coursera suspends online course about how to run an online course. It’s about one seasoned online designer’s attempt to push the envelope in a MOOC – which ended in student outrage and the suspension of the course for redesign after only one week.  Apparently there were some problemsRead more