Getting Started with Aurasma

Tutorial by Skip Via.

#ASTE2013 was last weekend, and as usual when I go to a conference such as this – I am home, physically feeling like I have been hit by a train but with ideas and inspiration spinning in my brain! My favorite takeaway from ASTE has to be Aurasma ( . Aurasma is a great way to link visual data to visual overlays or to other media – I can see many great applications for this in the History/Liberal Arts class or even the math or science class.

For instance, you might have a student work a problem and take a picture of their paper-based work, creating the problem as a “trigger” in Aurasma. Students could then create a video, talking through their solution to the problem – or they could link to a blog or storify where they expand on their process. It would be a great artifact for a portfolio – or for Parent/Teacher night.

However, a caveat – I think it would benefit us to move away from the “this would be great for Parent/Teacher night” mentality. The cool technology isn’t just for publicizing to the Parents. It can be used for enhancing student motivation and learning every day. It doesn’t have to wait for a special occasion! This tech will take a little exploration to learn – but once learned – it’s quick and impressive.

Skip Via ( created this video about getting started in Aurasma. I watched it my first night at ASTE and now have my developer username/password. I’m just waiting for a little brain rest to create my first AR experience. Check out Skip’s video – and Aurasma.


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  1. Thank you for sharing,…this program has a lot of potential for making any concept come to life. Wow! Thank you also for introducing Skip; another mentor in my neck of the woods. YAY!

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