Materials for the Southeast Alaska AEYC Conference

Tomorrow I will be moderating the Southeast Alaska AEYC Conference. Chip Donohue is our guest speaker. I am really looking forward to this experience! We’ll be connecting remote towns and villages from across Southeast via WebEx to participate in this conference. Below are the hand-outs provided. Information about the conference Ebook for the Morning (iBook format) PDF file for the Morning (for those without iPads – who cannot access the eBook) Fred Rogers Center Key Messages (PDF File) NAEYC/Fred Rogers Center Joint PostionRead more

Getting excited about Geocaching and Education #diffimooc

I have always enjoyed the idea of Geocaching. Even though I own a GPS device, there were always some missing pieces as I tried to wrap my head around the concept. I had nagging misunderstandings – the unknown was a great block to my understanding. With the help of my colleagues in the #diffiMOOC, Virgil and Chip, I have now been able to understand sufficiently the difference between a GIS and a GPS, and I’ve cultivated a Pearltree to helpRead more

A MOOC is what you make it

I have been hearing more and more somewhat demanding calls for a definition of a MOOC. Is it this video-based experience in which knowledge may be tested, and may it lead to course credit? Is it a social experience that leads to an article or a grant? Is it harbinger of the downfall of the University or is it the savior of the institution? What on earth is this MOOC of which you speak? My response – well good luckRead more

Disequilibrium, the #diffiMOOC and Peer Review

I was privileged, last year, to attend a conference at Liverpool University. I attended several presentations. I expected presentations similar to U.S. conferences. I expected to be told the results of the research, and I expected challenges would be defended – much like I, as a doctoral student, defended my dissertation research – or like I defended research when presenting in an international format. Not so. By the end of the day, I was uncomfortable, but impressed with this model.Read more