Register for Webinar: FERPA in Online and Open Environments

The OLTAK MOOC kicks off next week! Our first guest speaker will talk about FERPA in Online Learning Environments – the dos, the don’ts and the gray areas. He is an Attorney who works at Duke University and is a quite engaging speaker! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013    

3:30 AKST/7:30 EST

Register for Webinar: FERPA in Online and Open Environments.

FERPA Concerns in Online and Open Environments

In jest I sometimes refer to the Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act’s acronym (FERPA) as the FederalEnigma Ruining the Plain Academy.  A simple point-by-point breakdown of the regulations quickly dispels theFears, Equivocation, Resentment, Pain, and Anguish associated with FEPRA.  This session will teach 1) when FERPA applies, 2) when FERPA does not apply, and 3) what FERPA means for online educators.

To adequately discuss each item the presentation will provide true-life examples policy making decisions.  Importantly, the presentation will also emphasis where to find primary-source information (the text of the statues and the laws itself).  To prepare, participants should review the “definitions” pp3-7

About the Presenter: Attorney Adam Ross Nelson received his Juris Doctor from University of Wisconsin School of Law in 2008 where he earned the State Bar of Wisconsin’s “Highest Achievement” award for his work in educational law coursework. He served as a special topics instructor of student rights in school at Duke University’s program for academically talented youth (and yes, parents have mixed feelings about the topic). In 2012 Adam assumed leadership of an academic intervention program for first-year college students involved in drug related behavior.  In his spare time he enjoys tweeting about student affairs and education law @adamrossnelson.  Offline he enjoys non-fiction writing, re-learning to cook, and road trips.

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