Adding multiple Google Calendars for your Classes

While I was creating my courses for summer, I experimented with adding new Google Calendars and making them public, rather than using the table I ordinarily create for weekly dates and due dates. I was really surprised at how much time this saved me! Now, I am hooked, and I will only create my class timelines in this way. Below is a step-by-step to assist you if you’d like to do this as well.

Go to your Google Calendar. If you have a gmail account, just go to gmail and click calendar. Otherwise, you can go to and sign up. You can see what my Google Calendar looks like below.


Next, you will wish to add a new calendar for your class. You may do this by clicking the arrow down beside My Calendars, and clicking Create New Calendar. See the screenshot below.


Next, you will need to name your calendar, and select to made it public. It’s important to make it public so that your students can access the calendar. Otherwise, you would have to share with each student individually by adding their email addresses! Then, click Create Calendar.


You’ll be prompted to confirm you wish to share your calendar with the world. Sure you do! Your due dates are important!


Now that your calendar has been created, you can add information to it. You will wish to be careful that you add the information to the right calendar. Therefore, you might choose to click the pulldown arrow next to the calendar to which you wish to add information. Then you might select to “display only this calendar”.


Now that you know you are only adding events on your selected calendar, you may add information. I add week begin and end dates, participation and initial posting dates, and due dates for assignments. Add your dates in the same way you would add to your regular Google Calendar!


Now that you have your nifty-keen class calendar, and you have your dates on it, you will wish to share this information with your class. You may do this by going to Settings.


Once you have opened settings, click Calendars.


You’ll see all the Calendars that you have created. You might now click the Calendar you’d like to share with others. Scroll down and click HTML to see the URL to share with students so that they might click to access. Copy and paste this HTML code to your web page, or in an email to your students.

If you are using an iCal Feed, you might get the address for that as well!


You might also get an embed code, so that you could embed the calendar into your web page!


This is now my official favorite way of sharing weekly dates and due dates for my online classes. I won’t go back to trying to nail down those week start and end dates! It has taken me a while to embrace it – but now, I won’t let it go!

I hope this has been helpful!


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