How would YOU prevent the Path to Panem? A Hunger Games OOC for students 13 and up


The Birth of an OOC

A few months ago, I was facilitating the Twitter chat for the #ETLEAD course and I saw that Verena Roberts was involved in a conversation about creating a Hunger Games social media experience for K-12 students. She was brainstorming with a few others what that experience might look like. She was consulting with Educurious to create a Hunger Games MOOC-type experience and was looking for input. I jumped into the conversation. I was thinking about using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and it was suggested we could possibly use the Twitter vs. Zombies online experience as a model. I included the #ETLEAD tag in the message, and invited my students to share their ideas with Verena.

The next day I had a brainstorm and emailed Verena:

I have a class next semester – Leadership in Ed Tech – I wonder – would you be interested in that class working with you (us/your team) in a semi-formal way (they’d be getting grades based on their engagement) to develop the Hunger Games experience? Or is your timetable more immediate than that?
Just a thought…let me know…
Under the subject line “hmmmmm“… Verena and I emailed back and forth about this idea. Verena is one of the most creative and adventurous people I know. She took the idea to Educurious, and the next day I had an email with the subject line, “IT’S A HIT!
As we talked about how we would go about this, one name kept coming up. Vicki Davis is of course one of the co-creators of the Flat Classroom Project, and I have worked with her several times in the past. It’s always a great experience to work with Vicki! I asked Verena whether we might approach her to join our project and the answer was an unqualified “Of course!!!”. After a few emails with Vicki, we were really on a roll. Then someone mentioned Minecraft. Well, when I think of Minecraft I only know one go-to person. I contacted Colin Osterhout and he joined our team.

Our  project: Gamifi-Ed is now

open for enrollment! 

Project Description: 
This project is open to classrooms with children aged 13 and up. There are four phases:
  • Phase 1: Read the Hunger Games. Research possible reasons that Panem came into being. Contribute to a Wiki and Discuss with other classrooms the possible reasons for Panem.
  • Phase 2: Students participating in the video portion of this project will sign up to create a video based upon one of the artifacts receiving the most votes. Students will design and co-create video to produce 6-8 videos that conceptualize how today’s modern world could turn into a Panem of tomorrow (and how it can be prevented.)
  • Phase 3: Students in classrooms participating in phase 3 will vote on the top video concept and will collaborate in the gamification of a minecraft module with the name to be determined by the students and advisors.
  • Phase 4: Students, college students, and other participants will present online about the process, the experience, and the final results as they pitch their concept (and the process) to the world as they share what they’ve learned.

During Phase One, Teachers who are selected to join the project will participate in a “Squirrel Chaser Community“. This Community will outline necessary supports for the project. Students participating in my Leadership Course, will provide additional support for these teachers as the project continues.

I just want to say we have had so much fun creating this project. We want to invite you to be a member of this collaborative. I have a feeling it will be an absolute blast. And the partnership we have going between K-12, Higher Ed, and Non Profit is really something that is going to bring our students (at all levels) the best of all worlds!

So if you’d like, Apply for your K-12 Classroom to join us! We’ll be informing selected participants prior to January of their acceptance.

Or, if you teach higher ed and you’d like your class to be a part of the Squirrel Chaser Community, let us know. We’d love to involve as many pre-service teachers, in-service teachers and training professionals as we can.

I hope you’ll join us!


4 responses to How would YOU prevent the Path to Panem? A Hunger Games OOC for students 13 and up

  1. spost3 says:

    OMG! Not sure if it’s cool to say that if you are over 50 but my goodness, I love the project that you are working on. Thank you for alerting me to that. I am trying to contemplate how I can help or participate in it; currently just finishing up two of my counseling classes at UAF and will then finish your course that I received an Incomplete in, over the holiday break. I will toss some ideas around over the weekend. This is a wonderful idea! Way to go, Dr. G. 🙂

  2. … I’m speechless… because of pure awesomeness! What a great project! Taking what is trending and turning it into a thoughtful project with the intent of influencing a sociological outcome… BRILLIANT!

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