#etlead #Gamifi-ED and Bammy Nominated!

What an amazing semester this has been. After months of research, webinars, hard work and even harder play, my students in EDET 668: Leadership in Educational Technology completed their trailers for serious games. Now voting is underway, and the winning Game Trailer and outline (along with the other two) will be sent to Educurious for review and consideration of whether they will create this serious game for a K-12 audience. This has been the most exciting semester of teaching that I have ever encountered. I started the semester with Dave Burgess in my head, “Don’t just make a lesson, create an experience!” Well, with the help of Vicki Davis, Verena Roberts and Colin Osterhout we did just that. And of course the three of us had a lot of help from our new friends, Beth Ritter-Guth, Dave Burgess himself, Zac Gilbert and many many others. We’ve put forth their videos on the Gamifi-ED OOC YouTube Channel so that all can benefit.

The students in Vicki’s class created an Encyclopedia of Serious Games, using a rating system designed by the students in EDET 668. And I don’t think any of us could really have anticipated the long strange journey we took over this semester. I shared with the group this morning, that even after #diffimooc and #seaccr, both of which have been highlights of my educational career, I really had no idea how we would top #Gamifi-ED. BUT we have already come up with a plan for a new Intergenerational Learning Community which will start in Fall! I am so stoked, and hope that I can persuade friend Fred Haas to join us in this slightly scaled up version of #Gamifi-ED.

And then, after we met this morning, and I really believed that life couldn’t be better, I got the message in my email that I was nominated for a BAMMY Award in the category of Education School Professor of the Year (Yes – that IS Carol Ann Tomlinson down a couple of rows…). Thank you to the person who nominated me! I am so glad to get the opportunity to share my story!

The BAMMY is a great concept and a super way for us to recognize each other as we stretch into often unfamiliar territory. It’s about community – and this semester has been all about community for me: from the community of peers who guided #Gamifi-ED, to the community of students, both secondary and higher education, who put the work together to make the learning experience an open learning success! Thanks for all who Vote and add their ratings!




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