When Educators Create Games #etlead #oltak #edchat #edtech

Age of AwakAs you know (if you follow me) I have been involved in #Gamifi-ED all semester, and plunged my students (in-service teachers) into it, as well. We have been in the middle of an intergenerational learning community  with @coolcatteacher (Vicki Davis) 9th grade students. Verena Roberts organized and hosted webinars that helped us learn about games. We went from a volume of zero, no familiarity with serious games, to 11 (in Spinal Tap terms) in 13 short weeks.

My students have completed their presentations of serious games. The trailers are amazing! All are under 3 minutes, and all pack a punch. This is more than I expected. Although, I knew at the end of Week 10 something was awry.  I was not worried about their engagement. In the evening (when I am usually catching up on Game of Thrones or Grey’s Anatomy) I was being invited to video chats and brainstorming sessions. My emails…usually strangely silent when groups are working, were buzzing. I was being tweeted, Hangouted, Im’ed, and called into Blackboard Collaborate more than I ever have. I seriously had meetings 5 days one week with different groups.

But look at the results. They are stellar. Students created games, they aligned them with standards. They demonstrated their multimedia skills. Also, most importantly they inspired each other. In the end, they inspired ME. I can’t recall this ever happening in my educational career.

If you are so inclined, we’d love for you to weigh in on our products. please vote for your favorite trailer here (there are only 3) http://uasleadership.wordpress.com/our-games/

I am not sold that the days of teacher as designer are over. As technology becomes more ubiquitous, teachers will engage in this sort of design more and more. I think they are just beginning. So proud of these teachers who stepped up to the challenge. I can’t believe the creativity and the pedagogical and technological knowledge they displayed.


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