Defining myself as an “Openairian”

I’d like to thank my friends and colleagues, Verena Roberts, Randy LaBonte and Ian O’Byrne for spurring this internal dialogue. We have been working on a chapter on K-12 Open Learning and have had fantastic discussions which just keep making my world bigger and different.    Ask people what Open Education means, and I have found you will get a plethora of responses. You’ll get people who are passionate about sharing knowledge and pedagogy. There will be a group whoRead more

Reflections on #HETL

Over the past weekend, I had the opportunity to interact with the crème de la crème of the international Higher Education world at #HETL14. I think we can all get isolated in our practice at times, although Twitter and collaborative projects have really shifted that reality for me. Through #HETL14, I found that others were doing some amazing things – and yes, I’d like to do some of the things they are doing, but mostly I want to work with them,Read more