Five ways that being a perfectionist is getting in the way of what you want #diffimooc #oltak

Even though I constantly fight it, I am a staunch perfectionist – It’s an ongoing struggle: a part of my personality that I can’t seem to escape. We might think being a perfectionist helps us to do high quality work, and makes us attractive to future employers. But perfectionism can be deadly both in our work environments, and in our personal lives!  As I reflected this morning I came to believe I may have perfectionist soulmates out there. So this is for me,Read more

#Givercraft & Survivalcraft: Language Arts #CCSS with Quality Young Adult Lit & #Minecraft!

In Fall 2014 my students in EDET 693 Gaming and Open Education rose to a challenge to create an OOC that integrated new Language Arts Standards and Minecraft for K-12 students. The result was #Givercraft – an experience which attracted (with the help of @coolcatteacher Vicki Davis and @verenanz Verena Davis) over 700 students, some twenty odd teachers, and a whole lot of enthusiasm in this corner of Alaska. We’ll call the OOC configuration for grades 6-12 students that resultedRead more

We should play Minecraft ALL THE TIME #diffimooc

I was standing in a computer lab at DZ Middle School in Juneau, when the bell rang. The kids, who had been practicing coding, loudly gathered their things and clambered out the doors. Along with Colin Osterhout, a former student and partner in education projects, I was getting ready to help with the first official meeting of the DZ After School Minecraft Club. Cheese and other snacks had been placed in the utility room to the side of the lab, and kidsRead more

Resources for #hetl15 presentation: How Twitter can bring the world to your class…

Prezi for presentation: Get a Twitter Handle:  How to find a hashtag for your class – nice how-to by George Couros: Log in on or Tips for new tweeters: Mashable’s Twitter Guidebook Educators to follow: Example of a Google doc for class moderation: Guidelines for moderating twitter chat: Example of a Padlet resource made during a Twitter Chat: Padlet from #HETL15 Twitter Meeting: Archiving Software for Research Purposes: #SEACCR Site – The site that inspired the presentation! #diffimoocRead more

On getting it right the first time

We often tell students to just do things right the first time. Especially where tests, quizzes, and hand-in assignments are concerned, getting it right, we say, is important. However, guided practice and ongoing help (scaffolding) is necessary for students – particularly for those students who aren’t particularly motivated or skilled – to develop the habits and the mindset that will allow them to get things right when the time comes. Fear inhibits learning – so as we prepare students for getting things right,Read more

The hopeless kids

My sister was thirty when we were talking about our school days, and a certain teacher came up in conversation.  My sister suddenly turned to me and said, “<That teacher>  told me I was hopeless.” The teacher we were talking about was a chemistry teacher at a private school. She was known for being strict and feared. She told students what to do and expected them to  immediately do it – and never mind why.  My sister on the other handRead more