Two Great New Classes for Summer 2015

EDET 693: Mechanical Applications of Technology

100% Online. No prerequisites. 3 graduate credits.

Tired of first graders coding better than you? Want to teach kids to sew cool wearable technologies? Ever wanted to host a Robotics Club or a Maker Space but lacking the know how? Join us this summer to get your inner geek on! Mechanical Applications of Technology will teach you to use basic programming suitable for lower grades, and will help you to build robotics and MaKey-MaKey whatever you’d like! You’ll also engage in a service learning experience to host a robotics contest for your community – and you’ll have the support of other teachers all around Alaska, as well as the support of the STEM professors at UAS.

EDET 693: Emerging Technologies

100% Online. No prerequisites. 3 graduate credits.

What is on the horizon for K-20 classrooms, and how can you prepare? This class will help you to find out! With the 2015 Horizon Report as a guide, this class will explore the potential technologies on the horizon, including wearable technology like HoloGlass and bracelet computers, intelligent technologies and gaming strategies. This class will be your crystal ball to see the future – and will provide the support you need to gear up for the opportunities and challenges it will bring.

Out of state? Don’t worry! You can enroll in up to four hours of graduate credit without paying out of state fees!

Hope to see you this summer!


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