A Brief Rant About Misleading Research and Unaccounted for Variables

This article came across my feed today: Five studies find online courses are not working well at community colleges And of course, I immediately clicked and scanned to see what exactly the studies had been looking at in terms of instructional design. After all – we know that it is important to plan and effectively design online courses. I wondered if this article was looking at synchronous talking head classes with some blended content offered online? Maybe they were looking at xMOOCRead more

Student Creativity in Higher Ed

To me, creation has always been a bit like magic. Whether I am making an afghan for my daughter, an online poster, a web page, or an ebook – I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. I’m conjuring something purposeful and sometimes beautiful from nothing. As a learner, I thrive on creation and as a teacher, I value it no less! I try to give my Master’s students many many opportunities to create something new and potentially magical from their understanding. Having a lotRead more