Moodle MOOC 6: Minecraft Challenge!


1:00 EST, May 29, 2015

Minecraft Challenge: Leads to Emerging Builder BadgeRead more


Open Learning and Higher Education LOE PD #OPHED

Calendar (Click Agenda to see list view) Video Reading My Second Experiment with Open Learning (discussed in the Video): Democratizing Higher Education Learning: A Case Study of Networked ClassroomResearch My First Experiment with Open Learning (somewhat of a disaster, but we learned from it and improved): IMPACT OF AN OPEN ONLINE COURSE ON THE CONNECTIVIST BEHAVIOURS OF ALASKA TEACHERS Supplemental Reading Digital Divide: Entertainment vs. Productivity Three Generations of Distance Learning Pedagogy Resources #SEACCR website and blogroll Pearltrees TwitterRead more

What if there was no dave? what if we were dave? #rhizo15

What if there was no dave? What if we were dave? We’d all be in our corners of the web connecting haphazardly, likely not coordinating around one brain bending topic after another several times a day (is this normal?) It takes a magician to create the space and conjure us all together. This is the nature of the dave.Read more

On Serindipitous Learning Experiences

“To everything there is a a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” – The Byrds Since I started drinking from the information abundance firehose about 4 years ago, I have had this concept in my mind of serendipitous learning experiences.  My friend Verena Roberts @verenaz and I have discussed this in some depth. I have carefully observed the ebb and flow of my own learning patterns as I engage in my PLN – and primarily in Twitter. I have becomeRead more