Open Learning and Higher Education LOE PD #OPHED

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My Second Experiment with Open Learning (discussed in the Video):
My First Experiment with Open Learning (somewhat of a disaster, but we learned from it and improved):
Supplemental Reading
Potential Blogging Topics
Participants may choose 2-3 of the following questions to which to respond on their open blog, and may share the links to these blogs with us at #ophed on twitter. 
1. What are your experiences with Open Learning? Based on these experiences, what would you share with the group to help us build our knowledge of these environments?
2. In your particular situation, what do you see as the advantages and/or disadvantages of open learning?
3. What are the benefits and/or pitfalls of students being the consumers AND creators of curriculum?
4. What does it mean that the community is the curriculum? How does that impact our greater definition of a traditional “curriculum”?
5. Do you think that certain classes or disciplines lend themselves to open learning? Which ones? Why?
6. In my video, I state that there is a gap between proficiency with use of digital devices for entertainment purposes vs. use of digital devices for productivity and educational purposes. I say the reason this gap exists is a lack of willingness on the part of the user to “play” in order to become professionally productive with their technology. They are very willing, however, to play with technology to be entertained.
Do you think this is overly harsh or do you think it is an accurate characterization? Why or why not?
7. What do you make of the relationship between open learning, cameraderie, and empowerment?
8. Answer one or more questions that you create: questions that you believe I should have asked, and that you’d like your colleagues’ feedback on.

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