Moodle MOOC 6: Minecraft Challenge!


1:00 EST, May 29, 2015

Minecraft Challenge: Leads to Emerging Builder Badge

Getting started:

Put your email address and secret words in the form located here:–53owJTC3uevOuA/viewform?usp=send_form

Here are the Instructions for Downloading  and Installing the Client (you will get the link to download the client in email just before the session begins)

Here is a little tutorial to help you learn the Minecraft Controls.

To place blocks in the world, on a Mac, you will Control-Click.

I look forward to our experience!

Emerging Builder

When you have completed this challenge, send me the following (

  1. The 3 secret words you found
  2. A screenshot of yourself as you cook your food
  3. A screenshot of yourself and your partner in front of the “house” that you built (this can be very primitive)

Remember, if you get stuck, you can use “T” to talk to other people in the world and to get help! I will be around to assist!

Getting Started: 

Download the client and log into the world. Move through the tutorial, acclimating to the controls, until you get to a clear space at which you may build!!

Quests and Tutorials: 

Quest 1:

  1. Make a WorkBench
  2. Make an axe

Quest 2:

  1. Build 3 chests in different places in the world
  2. Write 3 books containing your “secret word” and put this book in each chest
  3. Open (don’t destroy) at least 3 of your colleagues’ chests to retrieve the secret word. Write down each secret word you get. (if you accidentally destroy a chest, let your colleague know!)

Quest 3:

  1. Make a stove
  2. Cook food on the stove
  3. Place the food into a chest for later

Quest 4:

  1. Find a friend to team up with
  2. Build a very simple house
  3. Put a sign in front of the house with the name of the house.


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