The UAS ED Tech Program has a new name: Introducing the Masters Degree in Learning Design and Technology

The UAS Ed Tech program has a new name.

The new degree is called Learning Design and Technology. It builds on the areas of excellence from the old Educational Technology degree and adds a few new twists, to make it a highly relevant degree program for the 21st Century Teacher.

The new name emphasizes the ubiquitousness of technology in today’s world. Unlike the Educational Technology programs of the 90s and oughts, this program focuses on leading technology initiatives, designing effective educational experiences with technology and ensuring student learning through technology. Rather than teaching candidates how to use specific technologies, this program focuses on helping candidates manage the abundance of technology available in today’s world. We need to make the right choices for our students, support that learning in an effective way, use data to prove that learning occurred, and lead technology innovation in our districts so that our students continue to get cutting edge education and we don’t lag behind the tech curve.

Classes which focused on multimedia use, Audio/Visual use and telecommunications have been replaced with courses in Gamification and Open Education, Ethics in Educational Technology, and Differentiation through Technology.

Alaska recently added to their endorsement areas an endorsement in Distance Teaching and e-Learning. So people who wish to gain this endorsement may do so while getting their Master’s Degree in Learning Design and Technology. Six hours of any relevant technology plus the Virtual Teaching and Learning course and Practicum (done in your own district) gets you there! And – relevant Professional Development Credits could be applied to this six hours – so you might already be halfway to that endorsement!

Also – the endorsement in Educational Technology remains, and will be earned at the end of this degree program.

Most exciting to me is the focus we have adopted on relevant service learning. Each class is desiged to expand your Professional Learning Network, and to allow you to immediately implement innovative learning experiences into your practice. Busy work doesn’t exist! The program has a laser focus on improving your students’ learning experiences NOW.

I wanted to share this with you! If you or someone you know is interested in the Learning Design and Technology program let me know! I am happy to talk with them and provide any information they wish. The program page may not yet be updated (it will be in the fall) however it’s located at

The list of courses in the program follow:

Year One


EDET 628 – Instructional Design in Technology

EDET 636 – Action Research for the Impact of Technology on Student Learning (subs for ED 626)


EDET 637 – Differentiating Instruction Through Technology (subs for EDET 670 or EDET 633 or EDET 632)

EDET 673 – Ethics in Educational Technology


EDET 677 – Mechanical Applications of Technology (subs for EDET 670 or EDET 633 or EDET 632)

EDET 678 – Emerging Technology (subs for EDET 635)


EDET 679 – Gamification and Open Education (subs for EDET 670 or EDET 633 or EDET 632)

EDET 674 – Virtual Teaching and Learning (subs for EDET 670)


EDET 668 – Leadership in Educational Technology

EDET 697 – Internship in Educational Technology or EDMA Elective or EDET Elective

Summer –

EDET 698 – Master’s Portfolio


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