Huckabee on Obama: Propoganda from a good man who ought to know better

For once, I agree with Jeb Bush. It isn’t so much that what Huckabee said is “wrong”. It is not so much that it was inappropriate or offensive. I really am not offended by any of it. What Huckabee said is simply and completely shocking. Shocking in its intent, and shocking in its implications.

After about a month of seeing hate crimes that occur as a result of propoganda whether that propoganda is in terms of white supremecy or end of the world rhetoric or immigration and spying on the American People, equating Obama with Hitler is absolutely dangerous and irresponsible.

All it takes is one crazy person to take this literally, that Obama is literally “blah blah blah” (I won’t even repeat it. ) When you are dealing with a sub section of the human population which is filled with hate, you don’t throw gas on the fire. This is exactly what Huckabee did.

I am not as brave as Obama is and I have always been worried about him. I was frankly stricken by his courage at running for president, and then running again. His security must be (forgive me) hella good. Language like this is irresponsible at its most innocent. Mike Huckabee should know better. As a former pastor, he knows the power of words.

I think that some people of his age bracket think they are still dealing with people as they were in the past. People who knew the difference between hyperbole and speaking for effect and fact. No – Obama doesn’t literally wish for the Israelis to be exterminated. No – he is not participating in a mass murder. He is trying to get a peaceful solution to a problem according to what he believes will be best for America. And for doing his job, he shouldn’t be equated with one of most evil characters in history. It just gives people with not enough sense to think their way out of a paper bag a reason to wish violence on the president in the name of saving Israel.

A false argument by a good man who ought to know better.


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