Helplessness, Addiction, and Transplants

There are many things that can immediately shatter our illusions that we have any control in this life. It’s great to feel in control. To be able to make the house payment every month, to have a good steady job, if you are a teacher, to have all of the students click, and be engaged and productive. Some people craft so that they can feel in control of their environments. Some hack (in the good sense), garden, or raise horses.Read more

On what you say and what they hear

Wouldn’t it be nice if people understood just what you said and what you meant, regardless of the way you said it? If they assumed the best of you, and they knew you were trying to think of others, and that you had everyone’s best interests at heart? In the most ideal world, this would be the case. But in the real world, we have to craft our messages to others carefully, and we have to do our best toRead more