A tale of circuits and the canon:

As I look back on my first year of teaching, I have so many regrets. I am sure all first year teachers feel this way, but my regrets are probably shared by even the most veteran teachers. The constant negotiation between expectations placed on teachers vs what it actually means to teach our digital natives, future innovators, makers, hackers and whatever latest educational buzzwords float in the atmosphere.

With this being said, I eagerly counted down the days till the end of the year. I was exhausted and only needed to survive 4 more weeks. I was frustrated and not with my students. Sure, they were engaged. I saw drastic improvements in their content based skill sets. This wasn’t enough. My students, your students, all students- are captains of knowledge curation….and creation.  What I mean by this is- their abilities extend what we can even begin to imagine. What had…

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